17 de junio de 2005

2 & 4 EnglishReaders

One of the main problems of the Blogs, is what is being shown in this post (post-e): the language. There are lots of people inside the blogsphere, and also around it. Most of these people are quite interesting to be read and met. But, when you make a post, you have to write it down in one language, not more. -What are you trying to say, carlitos? (sorry, "charlietos"). Well, I mean that it's a little bit frustrating to know that most of readers, bloggers, posters commentators, etc. won't be able to read your blog. This idea, was thought up in my mind a couple of months ago, and because of this, I decided to open an English Version of my blog: http://charliequeen.blogspot.com Although it exists, do not visit it now, because I haven't had enough time to feed it. I promise I will. And maybe you would like to know the reason why I've chosen the English language to express this thought of mine. Well, it may be the so-near English exam I'm doing, or may be an attempt to make the blog more exotic, or may be the fact that I've received some comments (postilla ~ spanish comment) from non spanish readers...
Anyway. The Blogsphere, is not enough. The Blogsphere is not the ultimate thing. The languages against the Blogsphere. This post is dedicated to English Readers, wherever they come. Dedicated to Sonja (my English teacher), to my English Class friends, to Mary Bishop, and to those EnglishReaders (I hope) will visit me, by accident or not. Let's break the bounds. Let's try something different. Have you already thought about what original thing you are going to do today?
And the most important thing: forgive my written English, and other things.
charliequeen asks you: is this the beginning of the webabel tower blogsphere?

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TitoMigue dijo...

Inglis pitinglis? Yessssss.

charliequeen dijo...

whatta fast commentator you are! the fastest in the West. Cannot believe it! (like doctoresca would say). See ya!

everybody be cool, this' a robbery! (i love this phrase)

Royalbetisfootball dijo...

que ta pazao en la boquita????

er tío dijo...
Este comentario ha sido eliminado por un administrador del blog.
er tío dijo...

er tío dijo...
dear Cabesa de Camarasa. your English has improved, your time has come, although you made some mistakes...
"what's being shown in this post (post-e): the language"
"why I've chosen the English..."

(Even better than the real thing)

marybishop dijo...

Puedo estudiar Espanol.

Oh my I want to say I must study Spanish!

If you keep practicing reading and writing in English you will have an extra way to communicate with others.

I studied a little Spanish, but I don't remember much.

You are very talented!

daveehla dijo...

Arthur in midleford!!
fantasee daes, dude!!
beach or bitch!!
or my way or da highway!!
salam malikum!!

donda dijo...

EL Ardilla creo que tiene un Blog en Inlgles ya.

charliequeen dijo...

The other... I need some help, as you can see... Thanx a lot.

El ardilla... ha ha ha :D
Uh! Merchi's getting married this evening!

.......... dijo...


________ dijo...


................... dijo...

don´t you remember??

charlie dijo...

Yes, I do remember. MrDei... The Great Erotic Dream ... or simply thought. :D

charlietosqueenow dijo...

fe de ratas: what is being shown.
Corrected already. Taka care you all.

laurenbove dijo...

Well thanks Carlios. I prefer your Spanish name. It's very nice. I wish I could speak Spanish but I should have learned it in school.

I'm proud of you and all others that speak more than one language. I think the U.S. was very foolish not to include Spanish as a MUST learn as most countries include English.

Thanks for posting this special post and I will of course be around and visiting. Perhaps you could help me learn some Spanish...besides the naughty words. I seem to pick those up rather easily.

Maybe blogger could have an automatic translation button and it would help us all over the world, connect with one another? Just a thought.


carlitosreina dijo...

Very grateful for you stopping by here, Lauren, and overmore for your words.

See you around here and around there. All the blog around ;D
(Hope you read this one day)

Anybody else outthere is an englishReader? Let us know,... wherever you were born.